Live in Plovdiv & Stara Zagora

Two more dates added for October. Dimholt will play in Plovdiv (6th October) and Stara Zagora (7th October)….

Gig in Sofia with Asagraum and Inferno

Dimholt has been invited to open up for Asagraum and Inferno for a live gig in Sofia on 30th September….

Further gigs for October and November announced

Dimholt will play a few more gigs in the forthcoming months of October and November. The first one will be alongside Sur Austru (Romania) on 14.10.2022 in Live & Liud club in Sofia. Then follows Boro Fest on 5th November with fellow countrymates Brodnik, Outrage and 37 Black. The event will take place in Mixtape…

Gig with Imperial Triumphant and Nero di Marte

We will play live in Sofia after almost 3 years silence as an opening act for the gig of Imperial Triumphant and Nero di Marte….