We would like to reveal all the details of our second album, entitled „Epistēmē“. The release date is set for 26th October alongside a live gig at Live & Loud Club in Sofia. The artwork was created by one of the most talented artists we had a pleasure to work with recently – our friend and longtime partner Nikolas Petras and his Ouroboros Creative Studios.

The album deals with the inner fear, a conflict between mind and heart, a battle within the inner self to accept the man’s fate as a predestined failure or a choice to be rebel and question the knowledge, to look for the truth outside the shackles of reality. It’s a concept with an open interpretation and we truly believe that it fits both music and lyrics. It gives a room to think, to look for an insight deep within yourself and justify the knowledge, the perception of it and to ask the questions that will lead you to your personal catharsis.

„Epistēmē“ was recorded in sessions at various locations, including Mrdr Sound Studio (Sofia) for drums, Sub Zero Studio (Sofia) for vocals and Opus Magnum Studios (Belgium) for guitar/bass. The album was mixed and mastered by Déhá at Opus Magnum Studios.

The cover art along with the tracklist and the first single off the album in form of a lyric video for the song „Into Darker Serenity“ can be seen below:

01. Death Comes First
02. Into Darker Serenity
03. Sacrilege
04. The Martyr’s Congregation
05. Nether
06. The Fall
07. The Hollow Men
08. Scars Of Seclusion
09. Reliquae
10. Aletheia