No, this black metal band is not hailing from the legendary forests of Tolkien, but from the Bulgarian forest of Bourgas. With a name like that, you expect either very epic or very raw black metal: should you have guessed the second, you are dead on target. Four years after the band started, the band came out with this EP, which consists of an intro and five songs.

The music of Dimholt can be categorized in the veins of the very old Darkthrone and especially Mayhem, also due to the vocals that reminds me a lot of Attila (just listen to the sixth song, including the drums or the beginning of track three which reminds me a lot of „“Freezing Moon““). The difference in level is rather big; there where the Norwegian ancestors of black metal still to manage over a decade later, this Dimholt starts to become a bit boring after several times of listening. Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with the number of the beast, but it is when you have heard things like this 666 times or more. After the standard acoustic intro (called „“Falling Asleep““, ahum) Dimholt bursts into the title track without mercy, yet in the break with clean vocals this ferocious character is killed by the band themselves. Especially these clean vocals are very monotonous and don’t do the music of Dimholt a favor.

By adding small elements of death and thrash, and the use of fast versus slow passages the band tries to add some variation to its music, and that is the very reason why this EP is rewarded by a narrow sufficient mark. Yet that still means that the music just won’t stick. The production is very dull and may remember of the monumental old releases of Mayhem and a bit of Darkthrone, but when it regards the contents of the music it is miles away from these bands. Especially the drumming is very monotonous and dull, but that goes also for all other instruments. The best parts are the slow and heavy passages, because there is where Dimholt manages to make at least a bit of an impression. In all honesty it is no surprise that the band has released this EP by itself instead of through one of the over 666 independent black metal labels. Especially regarding the aspect of composing songs Dimholt has to make some serious progress before they might draw international attention and appreciation…

Rating: 55/100

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