Dimholt hail from Bulgaria and are a fantastic band whos music transcends the normal boundaries of the extreme metal genre without compromising any standards. Starting this EP off is the Intro „“ Falling Asleep „“ . This nice little amibent/acoustic piece sets the mood and lets you know you’re in
for a real treat. Then comes the title track „“ Aegri Somnia „“. While the drumwork here may sound monotonous, the freezing crunchiness of the guitar riffs, multiple vocal patterns and overall ambiance more than make up for this. Tracks „“ Sein zum Tod „“, „“ At the End „“ and „“ Chaos Reborn „“ are all awesome tracks themselves. Excellent riffing and vocals wrap around the other elements evenly and the end result is some of the best
metal I haver heard yet this year. This band even incorporates a straight forward Death Metal vibe into their music and it really works for them. The last track „“ The Shares of Night „“ is probably the best track on the cd. Cold, dark and fucking grim as hell. Overall this EP is anything but standard. Superb musicianship 100% !!!… They definitely have a sound all their own. Try relating this band to other bands of this genre…You just cant do it. These guys are in a class by themselves. So, if you’re in the mood for something out of the norm, then check out Dimholt. They trample all the garbage, bullshit bands to hell. Most definitely NOT a disappointing band !!!


Original link at: http://www.myspace.com/MikaelKristopher