The First Demo release of Bulgaria’s Dimholt has been released at the fall of 2007, but since a couple of days before reached me, I consider that it would be a good move to have this demo release in the Metalzone’s review pages.
The “Aergi Somnia” is a demo that has been heavily influenced from the Black metal scene and in specific by groups like Mayhem, Immortal and the older releases of Enslaved. The most positive points of this demo is the very good, frozen atmosphere that the band achieved through it’s music and the very good vocals by Monolithe, that hase been heavily influenced by the greatest black metal vocalists, Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Abbath (Immortal)
The most negative points of this demo release is the lack of fantasy through their compositions and the drum machine, especially the tambourine that sounds like a metal tin, that has been inverted.
I believe that with a eatter production and a little bit of “originality” in their compositions Dimholt could be on of the leading black metal bands for the years to come. I also believe that the atmosphere, the amazing vocals and the “break outs” that do not sound “fake”, is their strongest point and they band need to invest on it.

Lampros Tennes

Rating: 75%

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