DIMHOLD is a brand new band from Bulgaria that belongs to the Black Metal batch of these years..Although they were created as a band in 2003 many changes were made in the member list and it took them 4 years to release their first demo cd with the title “Aegri Somnia”.
It seems that DIMHOLD knows exactly how the pagan atmosphere must be. I must admit that the length of this demo is quite long, as in most cases they don’t outwear fifteen minutes and this one has the double length of them!!!Although the sound of this release is not qualitative, for a self released demo it’s quite good in fact. To be honest, the most old-school Black Metal masterpieces of the past never had crystal clear sound, but it was their own rottenness that made the whole feeling as in this demo’s case. The guitar work seems to be very thrashy, but in many spots you can feel its special vibes which mixes melody and harshness. Stanimir made a good job on the drums of this demo, as he used the drum machine correctly without spoiling the album’s feeling, as it happens in the most cases when actually the drums aren’t real. Finally, the most standout thing in this demo is the vocals that seem to have the right feeling and blizzard of the raw Black Metal standards that every successful release must have.
In conclusion, DIMHOLD has worked pretty well on what they mind to reach, the only thing remains here is their first full length album and a better production of course. This is the only way to see if this upcoming band has the right tools to bring total darkness and death upon their fans!!!!!

Reviewer: Vassilis Efstathiou


Original link at: www.metal-invader.com