The first seconds of “Aegri Somnia”, Dimholt’s debut ep, are very promising. A guitar subtly strums and howls eerily. They entitled this piece “Intro: Falling Asleep”, but that would have been more appropriate for what’s to come. After these first promising moments, the most monotone and powerless drums you’ll hear in a long time kick in. Combined with the typical Nocturno Culto-vocals and the thick layer of lo-fi (no-fi) guitar distortion they sound absolutely insignificant in this day and age.

The clean vocals that kick in after a while can’t save this song either, because though they have the element of surprise on their side, they don’t sound good either. Seriously guys, it’s cool you try to blend in your ‘own’ touch into the sound, but don’t let someone who has been on valium for three years do it! The lethargy they express is probably not what they intended, but if they did, it works in a negative and appalling way. Track three is where it gets better, even though it is still nothing to be proud of. The slow, dronish riffs manage to evoke a slight icy and cold feeling, but not nearly enough for another spin. Other bands do it a lot better anyway.

Then they fall back to their mediocre sound of the second song, until halfway during “Chaos Reborn”. The clean vocals, which are now more chant-like, finally sound convincing. It is but a faint little star in an infinite universe of darkness though, and should not be mistaken for “good” – just because the rest is bad.

Other than a few mildly interesting riffs and the part of “Chaos Reborn” I mentioned earlier, this is utterly

boring. When you sound like a bad quality mp3 of the worst Darkthrone song in existence, you’re not going to make it.


Performance: 5
Songwriting: 3
Originality: 3
Production: 4

written by Lucas Ruijs

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